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How to construct a brandscape

How do you construct a brandscape

februari 21st, 2017 Posted by change processes, communication, leadership No Comment yet

Besides having distinguishability as a functional purpose, brands also have a symbolic purpose. Defined by the way we use brands to express our own identity and to identify or distance ourselves from groups we are surrounded by. Creating a brandscape is, therefore, focussed on developing and determining the most effective and fitting symbolic definition of a brand, in part by looking at the symbolical playing field wherein a brand ventures. (meer…)

Collaboration between HR and Finance

Closer collaboration between Finance and HR is paramount

september 21st, 2016 Posted by HRM, leadership, management No Comment yet

The history is there; Finance as a gatekeeper and HR as the one who needed to request the necessary funds like a teenager asking for his allowance. This unequal relation sprung from the strategical and valued position (by business owners) of Finance and the tactical and operational position (often seen as a necessity) of HR. (meer…)