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A fluid career on the rise

How to tackle the rise of the fluid career

juni 11th, 2018 Posted by HRM, leadership, management No Comment yet

Technology, changing business strategies -like the continuously changing processes of restructuring-, the lengthened work life and a more flexible job approach are all impacting today’s labour market and are shattering traditional bureaucracies all around the globe.

In response to these market shifts, the traditional linear career is taking a backseat and the multidirectional or fluid career is on the rise.

Remarkably enough, many employees are navigating through these career-defining changes alone as employers are still hanging on to the more traditional constructs of HR causing a disconnect between the employer and employee.


Strategic metrics from HR

Let’s talk numbers: strategic metrics for HR

februari 14th, 2017 Posted by HRM, leadership, management No Comment yet

Having easily accessible and specified information is crucial if you want to make well-founded decisions or develop the overall strategy of the company. While some departments have no trouble defining KPIs and metrics that are relevant to the strategical direction of their company (meer…)

Collaboration between HR and Finance

Closer collaboration between Finance and HR is paramount

september 21st, 2016 Posted by HRM, leadership, management No Comment yet

The history is there; Finance as a gatekeeper and HR as the one who needed to request the necessary funds like a teenager asking for his allowance. This unequal relation sprung from the strategical and valued position (by business owners) of Finance and the tactical and operational position (often seen as a necessity) of HR. (meer…)