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How to construct a brandscape

How do you construct a brandscape

februari 21st, 2017 Posted by change processes, communication, leadership No Comment yet

Besides having distinguishability as a functional purpose, brands also have a symbolic purpose. Defined by the way we use brands to express our own identity and to identify or distance ourselves from groups we are surrounded by. Creating a brandscape is, therefore, focussed on developing and determining the most effective and fitting symbolic definition of a brand, in part by looking at the symbolical playing field wherein a brand ventures. (meer…)

Exchanging information, protecting your interests with a CDA

Exchanging information, protecting your interests with a CDA

september 28th, 2016 Posted by communication, leadership, management, marketing No Comment yet

As a marketing and communications professional you will often find yourself working on campaigns with the involvement of third parties (which goes for most departments). Such a collaboration cannot be established without sharing (sometimes sensitive) information. Protecting your interests is, therefore, an important topic within every company, large and small. (meer…)