Giving content a second life

Giving your content a second life

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It might be considered as rocking the boat to re-use your content but it can and it may be done. The articles you wrote with gritted teeth (and sometimes with little effort at all) are worth being read. Still, there is quite a chance that more than half of your audience hasn’t read your article the first time you published it.  

While many writers try to produce unique content for every outlet, it is not unthinkable or unwise to re-use content you wrote for your own website or brand before. Many of your previous published articles remain valuable and relevant for your target audience. Let’s call content that holds its value over a longer period of time, sustainable content.

Platforms like LinkedIn Publisher and Medium strengthen your online visibility and promote your expertise amongst broad audiences, interested in specific subjects. They are excellent outlets for most types of sustainable content.

How can I re-use my content adequately?

Start off by analysing the data behind your content. Which topics have been most successful and what distinguishes the more successful content from your less successful ones? When you determine the factors that define your full-range, use them as the basic construct for your new content. You will set yourself up for success in the process.

We already mentioned that not all types of content are sustainable. Content that is based on daily news or content based on topics subjected to continuous change, are not durable but rely on interest peaks and news waves. That doesn’t mean that these types of content should never be touched again. It does mean that the content will be little more than a good starting point (or inspiration) for new pieces. It is fairly easy to write a new article based on the common thread used in older ones.

While we tend to focus on articles, news and infographics to create content, our other sources are abundant. Use reports, speeches, presentations and other pieces of communications in order to create valuable and innovative pieces. Choose the most appealing chapters or paragraphs and offer them a second life by rewriting them for your target audience and by bringing them in the now. When there is a lot to tell, series are perfect to touch all the important points. You will be surprised at how much material you have right there at your disposal, by going through your files.

The least charming, but still often used way to re-use content is to republish it one on one. If you do, be sure to wait at least a month after your original publication date before you republish it on Medium or LinkedIn so search engines are able to index the original content properly. Always refer to the original publication of your content and link to the proper location.

Find out which words are commonly used by your target audience when they are searching for content online. By using these keywords in your LinkedIn or Medium Posts, you will increase your chances of success. Don’t forget to use these keywords as tags too.

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