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KPI's and Metrics to measure your team's performance

Let’s talk numbers: KPI’s and Metrics to measure your team’s performance

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Departments within the field of marketing and communications are still organised in many different ways (joined, separately or divided into specialisms). Due to this diversity, marketing- and communications managers manage a broad variety of positions during their careers. (meer…)

Let's talk numbers: metrics and KPI's in marketing

Let’s talk numbers: metrics and KPI’s in marketing

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As specialists in communications and marketing, we fell in love with our line of work. We are able to create and build, we work with colourful personalities and the results of our efforts are tangible. But to be honest, as creatives and strategists, there is a part of our job, many of us, are not that fond off: metrics and KPI’s. (meer…)

colour and personality

Colour and personality

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Colours have an important influence on our attitude formation regarding organisations and publications. Further research has also shown that our preference of colours (including hue and chroma) is influenced by our personality traits. (meer…)