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Creating agile teams within the organisation’s ecosystem

Creating agile teams within the organisation’s ecosystem

Last week, I wrote about how a more agile ecosystem can be created within the organisation from the workforce perspective. The article briefly discussed how classic constructs need to change on various levels – on a technical, team, leadership and personal development level- to become agile and only scratched the surface of each of these topics.

This article will zoom in on the creation of a dynamic team structure within the organisation. While last week I wrote about “what” is needed to become more agile as an organisation from a workforce perspective, this article focuses on “how” organisations can ready themselves for this new way of working.


A workforce leading to agility

A workforce leading to agility

Countless organisations are now committed to achieving organisational agility. When talking about making an organisation more agile, we mean focusing on integrating processes, changing corporate characteristics – for instance, the decision-making dynamics- and forming new sociotechnical views at all levels of the organisation in order to enhance the organisation’s ability to create a sustainable, innovative and with that competitive strategies that have the ability to transform continuously.

This agile approach obviously differs greatly from our more traditional corporate processes, which are optimised for efficiency, using rigid processes and traditional structures like linear models and top-down controls and have proved to be less effective in today’s society where the competitive advantage is dependent on an entrepreneurial mindset and on high-speed innovation.


How to tackle the rise of the fluid career

How to tackle the rise of the fluid career

Technology, changing business strategies -like the continuously changing processes of restructuring-, the lengthened work life and a more flexible job approach are all impacting today’s labour market and are shattering traditional bureaucracies all around the globe.

In response to these market shifts, the traditional linear career is taking a backseat and the multidirectional or fluid career is on the rise.

Remarkably enough, many employees are navigating through these career-defining changes alone as employers are still hanging on to the more traditional constructs of HR causing a disconnect between the employer and employee.


TAS is Dutch for a handbag but also stands for: Tells a Story. That is exactly what we do, we tell your story. So what’s in the TAS? TAS is quite diverse; we offer services that are focused on formulating the right message for your audience using rhetoric’s, graphical design and by implementing strategies. This might result in creating a brochure, tactical communication plans or new business development; it is all in the bag.

TAS never hesitates to challenge companies. Depending on your specific needs and desires we offer comprehensive support and advice. Due to this outlook, we often consult senior experts to offer their opinion. We look forward to joining forces with your team and/or with your dedicated partners. You will be able to find more information about what we have to offer on the following topics:

Not a fan of reading? We can also grab a cup of coffee and talk about the possibilities at TAS. Call us via +49 79 177 22 62


Internal communication is focused on the structures and the culture that dominate the organisation. Moreover, internal communication concentrates on the role of communication within workflows. The way in which employees communicate with each other is inseparable from the productivity and effectiveness of the company itself.

TAS analyses both formal and informal processes within the workplace to improve internal communications. We also coordinate and create programs in order to inform and engage employees concerning developments within the company. Together we will create and voice a powerful message.

Please feel free to call us for a consultation

External communication often aspires to fulfil one’s mission and goals. The success of the organisation is –in the end- partly based on the way a company presents itself to the outside world, both formally and informally.

TAS is able to evaluate the effectiveness of your current tone of voice and offers tips on how to strengthen your external communications. Have all the company’s efforts led to success? And why has it or why not?

It may well be possible that you are simply looking for an extra set of hands. A professional who can help you produce your educational guide, annual reports, journalistic writing, or create new brochures. You can outsource the entire process, from design to diffusion.

An often-discussed issue in the field of HR is the upcoming transition of global and local labour markets from an abundant labour market (within most branches) to a labour market with rising shortages due to the ageing population. Talent needs to be obtained from abroad much more often in order to fulfil the company’s strategic needs.
Then there is the transformation of cultures, where needs and desires within the workplace have changed and continue to change, or the different ways latent and active job-seekers need to be reached in this day of age. It all requires a different outlook for companies throughout the world and alongside it, a new approach.

The time of merely recruiting has long gone; HR is becoming a truly strategic partner for higher management as well as a dedicated partner for employees. The challenge for tomorrow is finding talent that is not only suited for that one vacancy: but also fits the organisational culture, is able to develop on a personal level -both vertically and horizontally- and thus stays valuable in the future.

In order to attract and retain employees, it has become a necessity to be an excellent employer. Becoming an employer capable of engaging employees and express the employer brand well; both internally and externally.

TAS helps you to create, structure and/or formulate the right mix of ingredients in order to find and retain the best employees suited for your organisation.

A story can truly come to life. We will help you do just that. Storytelling is suited for the private domain as well as for the business domain; it can be about the past, the present and the future.

Storytelling for organisations
We visualise your organisational history, entirely or merely of the most memorable parts, with the use of visuals, text and/or sound. Thus bringing your organisation’s vision, mission and values to life. TaS helps you obtain a – what we call- share of heart for the relevant stakeholders and other target groups.

Storytelling for educational purposes
Are you talented, passionate and driven by a personal desire to write a book for educational purposes? Are you struggling with rather inaccessible subjects and looking for ways bringing it all to life? TaS will help you transfer your passion and knowledge to future generations. We will find the right words and ask the right questions to ensure that every reader will learn what’s truly important.

Storytelling for friends and families
Storytelling has once been designed to transfer wisdom and experience from one generation on to the next.

Most families have interesting histories just waiting to be perpetuated. You might have led a full life and would like to record it for generations to come. Have you had experiences that are hard to share with loved ones but tell a lot about who you are? We understand full-heartedly that sharing personal experiences with your loved ones sometimes feels like climbing the Mount Everest, a seemingly impossible task. Often, these deeply rooted experiences have had a giant impact on our personalities and further life events. It offers a more intimate view of who you are as a person.

More and more people choose to write a book about their lives when suffering from illness or merely old age. They want their stories to be told, but only after they have passed away and in a discrete and loving manner. TaS helps realise those wishes. We transfer your message in a way that fits your personality and at the moment you prefer. Tell us your story, we will create something special for your loved ones that will not be forgotten.


TAS offers help, boosting the performance of brands and products. This all starts with a meaningful dialogue with target groups and research about the ‘as is’ situation. Together with management, we look at possibilities to acquire market shares or upscale performance. This could require adjusting the current branding or creating cross media campaigns.

TAS will help you find the right mix of ingredients and co-create a new recipe for success. Possible ingredients are guerilla marketing, video marketing, content marketing, marketing by experience, PR or buzz marketing. The right mix depends on budget, planning, your employees, corporate identity, the market and of course; your target audience.

Needless to say, we would love to brainstorm. Would you rather have us take on a complimentary role to get the ‘creative juices’ going? TaS could also take part in the creative process alongside your own team.


The process of change is to be divided in several stages and each of these stages is known for its very own challenges. For instance, companies often find it hard to separate from former activities and patterns (of behaviour) that have been maintained for years. An often-heard comment is we do it this way because we have always done it this way. Therefore, we cannot change it. While change does not always mean you have to let go of all activities or patterns within the company, an economy in transition and changing customer demands require new approaches. Many organisations struggle with change processes due to the human nature of you staff to hold on to what they know. At other times they struggle because the communication between management and the work floor is inadequate. All of these elements are needed to create a successful outcome.

Introducing an external advisor during times of change can be of great assistance. He or she offers a fresh and objective outlook on current issues, renews energy within the project team and is often better equipped to analyse situations and break through barriers because they are not part of company politics.

Subsequently, TAS helps to break current patterns of employees and/or management. Together with the project team, TAS contributes to the commitment of employees and management. We give clear and comprehensible information about the changes and substantiate the choices that have been made. More importantly, by going through the stages in an orderly manner, a long-term change of culture, procedures and processes will be obtained.

Communication seems like the easiest thing in the world because it comes naturally. It is literally impossible not to communicate (body language). Still, there are many situations that hold challenges to bring your message across and keep others engaged.

During processes of change

We strive for an engaged team that is well informed and happy. This is a very challenging task for managers during times of change. Change often provokes resistance and insecurity, which calls for a different interaction within your team. It is very understandable that this is a struggle for most managers. Complex processes of change require a lot of energy, often more than one has to offer. Moreover, managers are often ill prepared to coach their department or team during these times. Not infrequently, it is forgotten that managers are human beings with insecurities too and therefore in need of guidance and thorough preparation themselves.

It is not uncommon for talents to leave after these processes. Secondly, productivity often (temporarily) decreases due to lost morale. We offer coaching during those processes and ensure that as a leader, you are more properly equipped to handle all these challenges along the way. Making sure that you can do what you do best and at the same time making sure talent stays where it is most needed.

During conflict

It happens to all of us: you suddenly find yourself in a conflict in which you are emotionally involved. It is that very same emotion that hinders you in sustaining an open dialogue with the other parties; it is a true challenge. Anger, loss, inabilities, lack of influence, fear and insecurity are all emotions blocking you from finding a solution. A seemingly fairly simple outlook can become an almost insoluble situation. We help by offering clarity via mediation. We can attract the right mediator or mediate ourselves.

Finding a neutral party during conflicts is key, they will help you to translate accusations into wishes and needs. We offer tips to reopen negotiations, for instance by looking at your patterns of behaviour when in conflict. Naturally, this is all done on a confidential basis without prejudice.

We are more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

Contact TaS

The office of TaS is located in the Netherlands, Bilthoven near the beautiful city of Utrecht.

We are easy to reach by public transportation, both the train station and bus station are of walking distance from our office.

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